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Наша цель — дать нашим подопечным равные возможности на
полноценную жизнь, помочь избавиться от вредных привычек и
разрешить внутренние конфликты, справиться с
психологическими травмами

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167 500 РУБ
45 500 РУБ
Working with difficult teenagers is a contribution to the future of our country
What do children see since birth? Cruelty, drugs, a negative example from parents and the surrounding environment. Who works with difficult teenagers? Correctional institutions, from where the child, in our observation, comes out even more fierce, medical institutions, where, in our opinion, do little to deal with the internal cause of destructive behavior, guardians and other organizations that do not help. We believe that many crimes and tragedies could have been avoided if we had dealt with such adolescents and children personally, investing into them with care, acceptance, and love, setting the right examples, teaching discipline and sports, developing them creatively. Professionally examining the problems of every teenager, by taking them out of that destructive environment.
The dreams of many teens and children become a reality
Our team has already organized several trips to the Crimea, where children and teenagers for the first time ever saw the sea, tried their skills at hiking trips to the mountains, learned everyday skills, learned how to solve conflicts, work in a team and just relax without alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. This unique experience influenced the decision of many teens to change their lifestyle, quit drugs, and continue in their education.
We show the right examples
The goal of the trip is to pick up teenagers at risk from an environment that imposes an extremist, criminal lifestyle and show another world where friendship, respect and healthy lifestyles are valued. Children appreciate and feel the love with which they are surrounded by, they learn to accept the rules and restrictions that we put on trips. Such deep work with the guys is paying off. They trust us, open up and are more accepting of change.
Teaching a healthy lifestyle
We hold soccer matches, dance competitions, do quests and go hiking. This way, we shape the values and thinking of children and adolescents, directing their energy, talents and ideas in the right direction, to create, not to destroy themselves and others.
Expanding horizons
The world of a teenager who grew up "on the street" or in an orphanage is very limited. Our desire is to show the child the world, to teach them to dream, to instill a sense of beauty into them. These trips are only part of the work, our team has leisure activities, and each of us personally leads one teenager.
We learn to communicate and be a team
For most children, the trip is to spend the first time in their lives having an unforgettable summer without drugs, alcohol and police. Most children and teenagers have only seen the sea on TV, we made their dream a reality for dozens of children and teenagers - to visit the sea!
Our travels are an unforgettable adventure that can change a teenager's life forever
- Visiting historical sites, water parks, excursions, different cities
- Conversations with invited speakers and specialists in various fields
- Performing creative tasks, also, children learn to cook under the supervision of a curator
- On our trips we have strict discipline, on the one hand, a place for personal creativity and responsibility

A common thread throughout the trip is to bring different themes. For example, the topic of a person's personal choice, so that adolescents learn to understand the importance of choosing between good and evil and understand that everything in this life depends only on themselves

Hiking, overcoming fears, various sports events. And, of course, children will swim in the sea every day! After all, many of them have never seen it before.
Ivetta Semenova
head of the organization Street Teens
Организовать две поездки в 2019 году
The house that we have been renting does not have enough room for all the kids that are in need of help. We have been forced to say no to a lot of children and limit the work of the volunteers.

We are going to build a house where we can take more children and teenagers. Where they will have their own space and opportunity to learn, develop and recover. The new ranch will be spacious, convenient and comfortable for everyone. There will be a mini farm, a stable, a place for motocross a bathhouse and playground

Support our project. Give these children the opportunity to make their life's better. They need that hope.
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