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Ranch - It is a safe haven for children and teens from cities surrounding Moscow, that are in need of shelter and help.
ти и подростки из неблагополучных семей предоставлены сами себе и влиянию улицы. Они находятся на грани попадания в детский дом. Их родители часто выпивают и не способны обеспечить элементарную бытовую жизнь: не следят за детьми, не кормят и не моют их. А вместо образования и личностного роста дети получают лишь побои и унижения. Как итог, такие ребята ничем не заняты, пьют, занимаются грабежами на улицах, подвергаются насилию, попадают в криминальные сообщества и т.д.
Project Ranch are for children that are from families in crisis.
We take children that are in the midst of aggression, violence, poverty and place them in an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and working on oneself. Every child feels accepted and reveals his potential. This way we save low-income at risk children and teens from jail,drugs, psychological problems and alcoholism. The guys see an example of a better life. Develop skills in courses and activities that we lead and learn to build healthy relationships with peers and adults.
Children and teens that find themselves in problems often get sent to a colony or a psychiatric hospital. We have a specific please where we gather teens from groups of risk and create boundaries (or conditions) for them to build character, responsibility and discipline. Here, many children see an example of how to live with dignity, find the restoration of their spiritual strength and think about the future.
For many teens, especially girls, horses are associated with a childhood dream. Unattainable and magical. Twice a week we have lessons at the stables. Children learn to saddle horses, ride and take care of them. The relationship with animals help children overcome different fears and they develop responsibility. The children increase in their self confidence and receive a bunch of positive emotions.
Our volunteers come up with everything they can at the workshops to create an atmosphere that pull them off of the streets and are fun for the kids. Papermache, baking gingerbread, pottery, the making of jewelry with one's own hands and other fun activities. All of that saves the children from crisis and replace boredom where they would just wander the streets looking for trouble. They start to feel their importance and acquire useful skills.
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times a year we go with the children to various activities aimed at development and leisure.

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Ksenia Gerasimova
A degree in finance, Equestrian trainer, English teacher. Specialist in areography and moterbiker. Ksenia, At 24 years old moved to the city of Nara-fominsk near Moscow, where she started working with children caught in hard life circumstances. She rented a house and started inviting kids who had run away from domestic abuse or had gotten caught in bad company.
Our plans for the near future.
Our plans for the future - build a ranch.
The house that we have been renting does not have enough room for all the kids that are in need of help. We have been forced to say no to a lot of children and limit the work of the volunteers.

We are going to build a house where we can take more children and teenagers. Where they will have their own space and opportunity to learn, develop and recover. The new ranch will be spacious, convenient and comfortable for everyone. There will be a mini farm, a stable, a place for motocross a bathhouse and playground
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Support our Ranch project. Give children and teenagers of the Moscow region a new hope and opportunity to change their lives for the better.
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