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Mobile clinics in villages and closed institutions for street children in Africa.
Mobile clinic - Reducing Childhood death
We organize a free mobile clinic in Ugandan villages, as well as in closed institutions for street children. During one trip our team can reach from 30 - 100 children. Our volunteers work with sick Malaria patients. We lower the rate of childhood mortality in the villages and prisons.
Today the clinic is
To prevent malaria, we buy mosquito nets for schools, shelters, closed institutions for children, as well as families who are below the poverty line. This simple solution can prevent children and adults from getting malaria.
Our patients are children and adults who suffer from lack of drinking water, hunger and unsanitary conditions. The volunteers of our team supply the villages with the necessary health care products, teaching children and adults the simple rules of hygiene.
We invite professional doctors and volunteers to join the Clinic project and help children together.
Our mission is not just to help children become healthy, we also help adolescents to enroll in higher education, become doctors, or gain first-aid skills.
The Manager of the Project 'Clinic'
The first time Sofia went to Africa when she was 19 years old. She is now the organizer of the volunteer base and clinic for children there.
Plans for the Future
В наших планах организовать стационарную клинику на территории волонтерской Базы. Our plans are to organize a sanitation clinic on the territory of the volunteer base.
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