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Community House – Is a center for practical training on how to professionally help people.
Where to start?
People who want to help, often do not know how to start, they are faced with lack of understanding, ignorance of the law, and other limitations. Ideas, projects, dreams never come true because of fear, uncertainty, lack of support and practical knowledge.
We have created
a unique training program for Theory and Practice
The training program for volunteers who want to join social projects, learn how to work with children and teenagers, go on missions, or open their own charity project.
Everyone who wants to participate in helping people will be able to realize their potential.
Different levels of
Several steps in the training program:
1. Online training
2. Practical training in ministry, helping people
3. Accommodation with a training center for people from other cities, countries.
4. Organizing a team to travel to missions in third world countries
5. Holding meetings, seminars, trips, charity concerts.
Many organizations provide assistance to people, but very rarely have vocational training and education provided for people who are able to positively influence society. Our goal is to help people avoid mistakes, become efficient in ministry, and create their own high-level project
Сommunity House
Our plans include opening a training center, where, for a certain period, people will come for training and practice.
The training program includes theoretical and practical tasks that help those who have never worked with children to try their talents and strengths at helping children
In our center of training - Narofominsk. Children, Teens and a few dozen people underwent training, at which our team shared experiences in helping children and adolescents
A team of volunteers helped children from disadvantaged families.The volunteers themselves organized and conducted master classes and sports activities for the children...
You yourself choose the level of involvement in social activities. The goal of our program is to show the possibilities of helping people and uncover your gifts and talents. For those who wan to work in third world countries, we organize trips to help children on the edge of poverty with our team.
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Elizaveta Karalkina
Participant of the STREETTEMPLE movement, Community House project coordinator, social blogger, and speaker
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