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How it started
The movement was born when we started to see the need around and made a decision to be an answer for these problems. To care, love, receive people and kids and do small things by our own resources.
The difficulties and challenges touched our hearts and opened eyes on rough reality of thousands people around.
Natasha the founder of the movement Streettemple faced a tragedy in her own family the husband of her sister - Maxim became drug addict. Natasha was trying to help him by many ways, but all resources was exhausted. She decided to get Maxim to christian rehab center and he got freedom from drugs.
After that Natasha's younger sister Ksenya decided to devote her life to help teens from crisis families and she moved to Narofominsk. She has been living there for 7 years and help people.
Our family decided not to be indifferent and not to put this responsibility on social or government organizations. We started to visit hospitals, write letters in prisons, care for street kids and orphans. We went on the streets and helped children and the numbers of people around have grown.
First few years "Street Temple" didn't have site, organization and there were no media about this work. Later "Street Temple" organized official work, and that time appeared a goal to expose and solve social problems and tell others how to join this work.

Because of social networks, Street Temple became more public.
The Team get started :Liza, Ivetta, Sonya, Ksenya, Lena and other people join the Street Temple team. These young people went to Africa and other countries to help children.
In 2012 Natasha started to work with children in gangs in Chicago. Dmitry went to Cambodia when he heard that children get enslaved to help at least somebody. At the time girls started to arrange trips to Africa, where ten thousands of innocent children were suffering of terrorist group of Joseph Kony.

Movement started to develop faster, and our work was focused on children and teens in difficult life situations.
Sincere and non-formal approach, self-sacrifying desire to help and girl's courage in dangerous situations soon helped drawing public attention. Surprisingly for all we've been working without organized support for a long time.

Our volunteers proved that everyone can change people lifes without organization, money, official status or special education.
First trips to Africa were sponsoured by Street Temple volunteers: they sell hand made сrosses-rosary and other things to buy tickets and rent a house for children in Russia and in Africa as well.

Some people saw effectiveness of the movement and started join the team.
The team had to register fund but they kept the way of working non-formal and act only in the interest of people who are in difficult situations.

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